AGP 13 is the first of two from the rare and legendary Electronic Panorama 4-LP boxed set in the Philips Prospective 21st Siecle series, published in 1970. Copies of the set sell for hundreds of dollars on ebay. Each LP features music from en electronic studio in a different country. 

The first two LPs comprise this installment, offering a selection of music from the Groupe de Recherches Musicales de L'O.R.T.F., and the Studio Voor Elektronische Muziek Utrecht. Two tracks from the first LP and one from the second have been cut because they are currently available on CD (from www.electrocd.com and in the Acousmatrix series from Bvhaast). What remains just fits on one CD. 

The included text file contains the notes from the boxed set, including a biographical sketch of each composer and a brief description of each work. Information on the excluded tracks is given in square brackets.

To download AGP13 files, right-click on each of the following links and select SAVE LINK AS.

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01 - Ivo Malec, Spot [1:36]   1
02 - Guy Reibel, 2 Variations en Etoile [6:27]   1
03 - Bernard Parmegiani, Ponomatopees [6:18]   1
04 - Bernard Parmegiani, Generique [2:23]   1
05 - Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry, Bidule en Ut [2:11]   1
06 - Ivo Malec, Dahovi II [7:23]   1
07 - Francois Bayle, Solitioude [7:05]   1
08 - Jaap Vink, Screen [7:39]   1
09 - Milan Stibilj, Rainbow [7:07]   1
10 - Frits Weiland, Textuur [7:00]   1
11 - Jacob Cats, Lux [6:51]   1
12 - Alireza Maschayeki, Shur [6:33]   1
13 - Luctor Ponse, Radiophonie [5:18]   1
14 - Jos Kunst, Expulsion [4:09]   1
Liner notes from LPs   1
AGP13 description   1
FLAC fingerprints   1


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