national open studio for Development  & Research in Electro-Acoustic Media

Research and Development Projects

James Beauchamp's powerful analysis/resynthesis package, ported to Windows (Win32) for Sonic Arts Network, by the Composers Desktop Project. The most recent updates and additions will be available here.
Download executables and documentation.

Developments in Audio File Formats.

Our current work is focussed on multi-channel and surround-sound audio, and frequency-domain representations.  We are especially interested in the Sound Description Interchange Format (SDIF), under development at CNMAT and IRCAM, and in the new multi-channel format defined by Microsoft, WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE.

Current projects:

PVOC-EX - a new portable file format for phase vocoder analysis data, based on  WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE, with software.
                    Latest Versions use the FFTW libraries  for a significant speed increase.

Ambisonic B-Format file format, based on WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE

SDIF tools.

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