SAOLC and SFRONT for Win32 (Pentium+ systems)

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SAOLC is the canonical implementation of the Structured Audio Orchestra Language (SAOL) component of MPEG-4, from MIT.
While clearly owing much to Csound, with a powerful set of 'core' opcodes, SAOL  is a more 'modern' language, supporting user-defined opcodes written in SAOL itself.

SAOLC is very slow, but is intended mainly to serve as an example 'normative' implementation, for developers.

SFRONT is an implementation developed by John Lazzaro and colleagues at Berkeley. It generates a C source file which can be compiled into an executable fast enough to run in real time.

The NOS-DREAM version of SAOLC, "SAOLC32.EXE"  has these differences from the canonical version:

    sample formats supported for infiles and outfiles: Two new facilities are available for floating-point files only: The PEAK chunk is supported in Soundhack, Csound, and in the CDP Multi-Channel Toolkit. Csound will automatically rescale over-range floating-point input files, and, similarly, the Toolkit program PLAYSFX will rescale an over-range file so that is can be played without clipping.

Download executable: (130K) (include mp4 encoder program saenc.exe)
Download  source files (VC++):

Other SAOL Implementations

CPS  (Bonneville, Niels Gorisse)
     A commercial real-time  patchwork-style GUI implementation for Windows. A fully functional version is available for free download.
SAINT (Giorgio Zoia), available via the Structured Audio Open Group (SAOG)
    A freely available command-line version, using a fast 'virtual machine' implementation. It is available both as an executable, and in source-code form by subscription, and is suitable mainly for developers. Many opcodes are either unimplemented, or are incomplete.
Sfx (Robin Davies)
    A (currently free) powerful GUI-based development environment for Windows implementing a superset of the  SAOL language, and generating C++ code employing the Windows Component Object Model (COM). It requires VisualC++ v6.0 and Internet Explorer 5 to be installed.
VisOrc  (Dave Perry)
   A commercial visual development environment for the creation of SAOL scores and orchestra (Windows). A free evaluation version is available.

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