AGP27 includes all of the instrumental music by Luciano Berio in my stacks that is not available on CD. The works included come from three RCA LPs from the 1970's. The earliest work was written in 1951 and the latest in 1973. Allelujah II and Chemins III are among Berio's works built on other works by successively adding more material, like the layers of an onion. The nucleus for Chemins III is the solo viola work Sequenza VI. In Chemins II, Berio superimposes music for an instrumental ensemble onto the solo viola part. And in Chemins III he further adds an orchestral accompaniment. Both Sequenza VI and Chemins II are available on CD, should you wish to hear the work with the additional layers stripped away. The installment includes a text file containing liner notes from all three LPs.

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08 - Concertino [9:29]   1
09 - Nones [6:53]   1
10 - Allelujah II [16:31]   1
11 - Chemins III [14:19]   1
12 - Concerto for Two Pianos [24:32]   1
Liner notes from LPs   1
AGP27 description   1
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