NOTE: Tracks 01-05 of AGP28 have been removed because it has come to my attention that they are currently available on CD. These recordings are really quite astonishing, and are well worth buying. They can be bought from Amazon, and presumably from other music distributors.

With AGP28, the Avant Garde Project has officially gone off the deep end. It is the first in an occasional series of "found" avant garde, meaning that the recordings are not avant garde compositions per se, but I have for years enjoyed listening to them in the same spirit as I listen to late 20th century music. AGP28 is also the first installment containing organized sound created by non-human animals. Culled from two LPs, it comprises an assortment of underwater recordings of humpback whales, beluga whales, narwhals, orcas, and bearded seals.

The humpback whale recordings come from an LP that introduced the world to whale songs, "Songs of the Humpback Whale." It was originally released in 1970 on CRM records to publicize the plight of whales in the late 20th century, and later re-released on Capitol Records. These transcriptions come from the original CRM release, which has a richer sound and less pressing noise than the re-release. These recordings were made by Roger Payne. More such recordings were released on a second Capitol LP, which is available on CD.

The other recordings (tracks 06-14) come a Music Gallery Editions LP from Canada. The songs of these other whale species are entirely different from humpback whale songs, and in many places strikingly resemble some forms of electroacoustic music. The installment includes notes from the liners and booklets included in the two LPs, including a long account of the discovery and analysis of humpback whale songs.

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01 - Solo humpback whale [9:33]

02 - Slowed-down humpback whale [1:06]

03 - Humpback whales [3:24]

04 - Distant humpback whales [3:58]

05 - Three humpback whales [16:33]

06 - Arctic beluga whales [4:30]   1
07 - St. Lawrence beluga whales [7:42]   1
08 - Narwhals [4:23]   1
09 - Bearded seal [3:20]   1
10 - Orca [2:49]   1
11 - Bearded seal [1:48]   1
12 - Orca [0:54]   1
13 - Orcas and beluga whales [9:43]   1
14 - Whale herd [6:52]   1
Liner notes from LPs   1
AGP28 description   1
FLAC fingerprints   1


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