Copyright policy

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We respect the rights of composers, artists, and publishers to profit from their creative and commercial efforts. AGP policy is to release only recordings that are long out of print and therefore show no signs of being capitalized upon. With very few exceptions, the compositions included in AGP installments are not currently available in any recording, and have never been released on CD.

Moreover, the sort of material offered has never been a major profit-center for either artists or publishers. It has always appealed only to a small minority of music listeners, and so its commercial release has typically been driven more by cultural commitment than by a desire for personal gain. The recordings offered through this web site were likely no better than break-even propositions when they were originally released. So by making them available once again through a non-commercial mechanism, we are arguably continuing the mission that drove their commercial release. 

If you represent the copyright holder of any of the recordings or compositions available on this site, and would like them removed, please let us know and we will take care of it ASAP.

If you are aware of any current or forthcoming commercial releases of recordings or compositions available on this site, please also let us know.