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Sliding Discrete Fourier Transform

The page is under continuing develoment to present sound files and code for the Sliding Discrete Fourier Transform as additional information to the paper in ICMC2005, and for the Sliding Phase Vocoder described at ICMC2007.

Sliding Phase Vocoder

The paper given at ICMC2007 is here.

The overhead projected slides for the presentation at ICMC2007 are available here.

In the following, all examples begin with source sound. Example 1,2: source from Csound book ("late_show.aif") and examples 3 through 5 are from the EBU SQAM set (converted to mono) :

Constant Q Sliding

The Constant-Q variant of the Sliding Dicrete Fourier Transform is descibed in the DAFx 2008 paper, available here.

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