AGP 16 features two electroacoustic works created at electronic studios in Sweden, between 1967 and 1975. The first, by Ragnar Grippe, is one of my favorite electroacoustic works, combining acoustic and electronic sounds in a rich and detailed mix. The second is a tape-loop composition composed by Bo Anders Persson in 1967 that is reminiscent of Steve Reich's "It's Gonna Rain" and "Come Out", written in the two previous years. As such, it is the earliest European response I know of to the then-emerging American minimalism. The other side of the Wergo LP from which this work came, "Was??" by Folke Rabe, is currently available on CD. 

The included text file contains notes from both of the LPs that these recordings came from. The notes to Proteinimperialism are in German, and since I don't read German myself are an unedited output of my OCR program.

To download AGP16 files, right-click on each of the following links and select SAVE LINK AS.

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01 - Ragnar Grippe, Musique Douze [13:53]   1
02 - Bo Anders Persson, Proteinimperialism [24:45]   1
Liner notes from LPs   1
AGP16 notes translated to English
AGP16 description   1
FLAC fingerprints   1


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